skinny armed and dangerous

from by The Death Panels



my arms are too skinny to go swimming
sometimes i wish i could go swimming
i feel sour so i’m going to take a shower
but showers don’t help me feel better

i wash my hair once every three or four days
and i hope nobody thinks that’s gross
i could wash my hair more often
and i could probably start working out

my heart is a muscle the size of my fist
and my fist is a fist the size of my heart
and i wish that my heart would stop caring
about all the trivial things that make me feel like i’m smart

i want to be an organ donor and donate my heart to jesus
and donate my fists to satan’s face
i haven’t used either to any meaningful extent
since i quit playing baseball in eighth grade


from you can't fire me i fricken quit, released April 10, 2013




The Death Panels Yakima, Washington

get yr head bust and bump my shit.

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