live life rad: a manifesto (this one sucks)

from by The Death Panels



the existence of our feelings can get us down
when the reason for us living is nowhere to be found
‘cuz we’re born then we go to school to get a job
to work ‘til we retire so we won’t have a job

but the meaning of life’s not dollar signs or letter grades
or how waste one can get, or pretending to be sane
it’s about personal hygiene, it’s about good posture
it’s about sharing with friends and drinking lots of water

and qt pictures of otters and reading harry potter
and wearing mothy sweaters and eating acid blotters
and donating to charity and watching documentaries
and reading blogs on tumblr about smashing patriarchy

that’s how to live life rad
so live life rad


from you can't fire me i fricken quit, released April 10, 2013




The Death Panels Yakima, Washington

get yr head bust and bump my shit.

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